POPS 101 Program


The Basic Principles of Healthy Fathering

POPS 101 is an introductory, informative and interactive program to help fathers learn the basic principles of becoming better Protectors, Order keepers, Providers and Stabilizers (POPS) of their families. The program includes (4) one to one and a half hour sessions that are facilitated by trained dads.

Becoming a True POPS

Learning the skills and behaviors to become:


Fathers and father figures will learn that mature, responsible males play an indispensable part in making homes, neighborhoods, and schools safer places for children.


Participants will come to understand how manly influence calms the unruly tendencies of youth. They will gain an appreciation of their importance as parenting partners – whether or not they share a household with their child.


The dads will receive assurances that they are much more than ATM machines; that responsible fathers contribute many resources, as they are able. These include financial, emotional, spiritual, educational, and other valuable assets.


The men will gain awareness of their value as stabilizers when encouraged, empowered, and engaged in homes and neighborhoods.

POPS 101 Online Course

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