Talking to your kids about . . . Important Topics

It is best to prioritize conversations withIt is best to prioritize conversations with your children on subjects they show interest in. This way they are more likely to retain what they learn. It is also a good way to know they are ready to discuss it. They may not be old enough or mature enough for certain topics such as drugs and sex, for example. To discover their level of interest in a subject and the appropriateness of having the conversation at this time, ask them a question about it, and listen to their response. Pick a topic that is in the news, or when it comes up in a TV show or movie, for example.Proceed only as far with the discussionas their interest indicates. Keeping the linesof communication open with your childrenthroughout their lifetime will ensure thatwhen their interest grows, they will feelcomfortable asking you for more information.Reassure them they can come to youat any time with anything that is on theirmind.Disclaimer: The suggestions and methods putforward are the opinions of the individualauthors, and are not necessarily shared or endorsedby Urban Light Ministries, Inc., its staff orindividual members of the board oftrustees

. . . About Racism


According to an article in[1], research shows according to an article in[1], research shows that children start assigning meaning to skin color at 18months and can distinguish different races by age 3. Make sure they are ready for the subject when it comes up at school, or with their young friends.


• Have you noticed that flowers and birds have variety?

• Have you noticed that flowers and birds have variety?

• What is different about them? What is the same?

• What is your favorite flower color?

• What is your favorite bird color?


Read together Genesis 1:20-29

Read together Genesis 1:20-29

• Did God make all of the flowers and birds?

• So, do you think God enjoys the variety he has made?

• Have you noticed the variety in people?

Read together John 3:16-17; 1 John 4:10-11; Acts 10:34-35

• Does God love all people?

Read together Revelation 7:9-10

• Will there be a variety of people in heaven?

How will you respond when someone says untrue things about people who are different?