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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 13:46

God's Miracles

As we continue to celebrate 25 years of bringing the love and message of Jesus Christ to our elementary school children, we thank you for your continued support. We not only bring these children the gospel of our Lord, but we are blessed to be able to share real-life examples of God’s love, mercy, grace and healing power.

Just yesterday I was able to tell the children this heart-warming story of a woman, a friend of my wife’s, who just that morning had given birth to a miracle baby. Shortly after Hannah became pregnant her embryonic sack ripped and almost all the life-sustaining water leaked out. Her doctor told her she should just abort the baby because it won’t survive. But Hannah and Jonny have a strong faith in God and refused, putting their trust and their baby in God’s hands. They got a second opinion and this doctor said abortion is an option, and if you decide to try and carry the odds are slim that it will survive. They would not be deterred from their faith in God. She was placed on immediate bed rest. And after lots of continued prayer, and coming a little early, God brought baby Asher Benjamin into the world. A true example of God’s miracle-working power, and how trust and faith in God can prevail over the beliefs of man.  After telling the children this story we gathered and prayed for baby Asher. Hearing them say, “yes Jesus” as we prayed and firmly saying, “in Jesus name we pray”, brought the love of God welling up in my eyes. It is times like this, where we not only share the gospel with the children, but we can give them real-world examples of God working in our lives that makes The Sonshine Clubs so special.